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 Julia you do have the ability to move your hoop to put your needle in a different position.  I am sure the machine you are speaking about moves the needle in the sewing mode for seam allowances and the hoop to change to position in embroidery mode. should you need to correct the position for your design.  Go to and there are videos showing the 12,000 in operation.


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I just joined this group as I'm contemplating purchasing a 12000.  One feature I was wondering if this model has is the ability to move the needle in the embroidery mode. I saw this on the Brother machines and wondered if the MC12000 has that feature. I tried to find videos showing how the embroidery features work much not having luck. Any help?

Without changing position, Jim says:
Embroidery on Janome machines is done with the needle in the left position. This provides maximum support of the fabric when the standard needle plate is installed. What would be the advantage of moving the needle for embroidery?

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