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Will Foot Book ever be available for Android? 

Pretty please,  Jim : )


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Sighing deeply, Jim says:
Imagine that the only way to do embroidery was to do it free-motion on a straight stitch treadle machine. That's the Android development system compared to Apple iOS. Most app development companies have dedicated Android and iOS developers. It's very difficult for one person to do both, and those developers that do work on both platforms prefer iOS because the tools are so much better.

Then there's the question of which Android. There are 6 different versions of Android, and the latest work on less than 15% of the devices. And that's not counting Amazon Kindle, which is different from all the others. One of my app clients who is trying to find an Android developer has been told that at the very best their Android app will work on 80% of the devices.

Finally there is the issue of virus. Some 97% of malware is on Android devices. Of the malware on iOS devices, the only infections have been on "jailbroken" devices that have been modified by their owners to bypass Apple's internal security.

So to answer your question, no FootBook will not be available for Android. Janome seems to agree, having chosen the iPad for the 15000.

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