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I'm not sure which one you might be looking for, but this is a large one and multi-parts.  HTH  Dottie in WV

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I'm hoping someone can remember an embroidery design that was popular a couple years or so ago for a huge embroidered Christmas tree.  I bought it as a download and had never stitched it out.  We had computer problems a year or so ago and ended up getting a new computer.  I'm afraid I lost that design.

Would anyone know the company and design?  I'm sorry for being so vague on my description!  I remember it would take a long time and multiple hoopings to stitch out.

If I can find the company and the design, I'm hoping I can download it again.  Somewhere I had printed out the directions for the embroidery but not finding that in my messy sewing room either!

Thanks for any help,

Marla, in the state of confusion

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