mbx issue

Kaye Lessard

hi Jim

sorry to post this here but need help - upgraded mbx from 4.0 to 4.5- on my windows 7 computer. working fine- 

installed the upgrade using only the 2nd disk ( since my dongle had already been updated) to my windows xp computer- 

I get the H4007 error saying security device not found.  

I have had this issue come up before but can not find the info  to fix this time.  

Please advise and I promie I will keep this info so I do not have to bother you again!!!

I probably have it just dont remember what I named it!!!  

everytime I go to doctor he tells me whatever is wrong is because I am getting older!!!  So I guess the brain is  tired some days!!!LOL

When I first joined the group someone mentioned a thread guide for the horizon 15000  - but it is round- am I correct in understanding there is  one available for our machines- as I do miss mine.  

Hope all is well with you and diane and your family!!!

kaye in la  

Jim says:

Error code H4007 is not in my list of known errors. Try installing the latest dongle driver here. If that doesn't work you'll need to contact Janome support.

The round thread guide comes with the 15000 spool stand. It may be available as a separate part, but I do not have the part number.

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