Re: Has anyone used "Creative Feet"

ceilsews <no_reply@...>

Is there another link to the site?  Is this video different from those on the Janome site?  As a fairly new member here, I'm not sure what dropbox and these videos are. 

Jim says:
There is one and only one link:
It's not like any video on the Janome site, it's not on DropBox, you don't need to know anything about DropBox to view it, and it you aren't curious about the Free Motion Couching foot you don't need to view it at all. Some old browsers (I'm looking at you Windows XP!) may not be able to view it. If that's the case I'm sorry, but I've already spent more time on this video than I expected to and it's time to stick a fork in it because it's done!

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