Re: Changing needle plate and bobbin case.

Anne <csarina43@...>

Yes I noticed it when reading through the instructions. Something else I found confusing was where the button was to unlock the needle plate so you could change it. Took me ages and a bit of searching before I found it hidden by the toolbox.

I completely forgot about changing the plate and bobbin when I worked the snow flake, did not really make that much difference.

One thing I did notice from the videos I had wtched before I got my machine, it appeared that you did not put a new needle plate on but pushed forward the small hole attached somehow to the zigzag plate. Also the even feed foot or what ever they called it seemed to be parmanantly attached to the machine and was pulled down to use and pushed back when you had finished using it. I was surprised to find the feet in the tool box and that you had to attach them to the machine.

Any comment Jim??????

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Has anyone noticed yet that in the manual they first tell you to change
the needle plate and then to change the bobbin case (referring to the
previous text for removing the needle plate)
Wouldn't it make more sense to combine these two: remove the standard
needle plate, change the bobbin case, put in the single hole plate.


Op 26-12-11 20:52, Jim_Stutsman schreef:

Considering that this is the first combination sewing/embroidery
machine that Janome has sold with a single hole plate, I don't think
changing it is critical. Like you, we've done embroidery using the
standard plate (and standard bobbin case) and it's been fine. It's
nice to have the option of a single hole plate, especially when
piecing quilts that have points on the ends of the pieces, but I don't
think it's critical for embroidery.

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<>, "Cheryl" <capaul@> wrote:
Jim, how important is it that we change the needle plate to do
embroidery? I don't want to break anything in the machine, but I found
that the machine worked well with both needle plates for the
embroidery, through ignorance and forgetfulness.


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