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Thanks Jim,
this was exactly what I meant.


Op 26-10-11 16:59, Jim_Stutsman schreef:


Yes, we have had this ability on Janome embroidery machines since the 10000. There are a set of JOG keys on the screen that let you move the hoop in tiny steps in any direction. If you have a template on the fabric, you can use these keys to position the needle directly over the center of the template, for perfect placement.

--- In janome12000@..., Pinguin wrote:
> Hello Jim,
> what I mean is that once you have your fabric in the hoop and the hoop
> attached to the embroidery unit, you can move the design in small steps
> horizontal en vertical (withing the available space ofcourse) so the
> needle is exactly above the centre of the design. So if you have your
> fabric right in the hoop and know the centre of the design (helped by
> the template) you know you start in the right place.
> Can Janome do this as well (moving the design)
> Thanks,
> Gerda

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