Re: Question regarding sewing table for my new machine

Sherry Martin

I ordered a much bigger table than comes with the machine. I find the little table that came with the machine too small and too flimsy to be able to free motion quilt very well or even just straight line quilt a large quilt. Mine will be 24x32 if it ever gets made correctly. That's what I had for my 11000.

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I don't see a reason for purchasing the Sew Perfect table, when you get one included with the machine. As for the mat, Janome has 2 of them. The smaller one fits most standard machines, while there is a larger one for the MB-4. I don't know if they'll make another one for the 12000.

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The name of the sewing table is Sew Perfect Table. It's not the acrylic small table included with our 12000. Also Jim that anti vibration mat do you see Janome making that available to us. Judyjanome

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