Re: Question regarding sewing table for my new machine

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We've got ours in an older Koala, much like the Horn Quilter's Dream. It's too big to use the lift, but the machine is never idle long enough to store anyway. Given the large size of the new machines, the cabinet manufacturers are going to have to make new cabinets to fit. If you don't need a lift, then any piece of furniture that has a good sewing height will work. Otherwise I would wait a while to see what gets released by the various companies.

Note that while our 12000 is big, it's tiny compared to the Brother Quattro. When set up for embroidery, you need a space just slightly smaller than the deck of an aircraft carrier. We had one for a short time, and the dining room table was the only place big enough to set it up!

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I have decided to purchase a new table for the 12000. I do have the quilters dream from Horn but I don't want to go that route again. What is available for a machine that size? I have seen a table from Sew Perfect Tables and I thought I saw something from Janome. Also that anti vibration mat that Janome makes do you think they will make one larger for the 12000. Judy from WNY

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