Re: Question regarding sewing table for my new machine

Sherry Martin

I said Quilters Dream. The company is actually Dreamworld.

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I got a Quilters Dream sew steady table with my machine. It is just a plexiglass table that goes around machine; not one that it sits down into. I exchanged a 24x32 table from my 11000 for a new 24x32 table t fit my new one.

HOWEVER, after I drove 45 min to pick up the table and then back home, the table didn't fit my machine. I have talked to the Quilters Dream people twice and they said it was the 1st table they made for this machine and I think they got the measurements mixed up where it juts out in front and back. I was measuring and telling them the measurements of table vs machine and they seemed to be mixed up front and back. So they said it would take several weeks to correct it. When I called my dealer he said the same thing had happened with some inserts he got from Horn. So just make sure that if you get a table for this machine that it fits it correctly.

My dealer said he thinks the Horn people may have just used the 7700 for the template for the new inserts, but the 12000 is slightly different in size.

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I have decided to purchase a new table for the 12000. I do have the quilters dream from Horn but I don't want to go that route again. What is available for a machine that size? I have seen a table from Sew Perfect Tables and I thought I saw something from Janome. Also that anti vibration mat that Janome makes do you think they will make one larger for the 12000. Judy from WNY

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