Communication Timeout


I am trying to help a friend with Communication Timeout error when sending to 15000 directly from PC with USB cable.  Here are the specs and what we have tried:
PC is Windows 7 with AVG Security Antivirus and Firewall.  No luck even after disabling AVG.
JSM driver has been installed.
HorizonLinkSuite has been updated to 1.01
15000 as been updated to 1.04
Communication is successful sending from my computer which is Windows 8.1 using her cable and same version of HorizonLinkSuite.
Please let me know anything else I can try.  Thanks!

Jim's suggestions:
Power the Windows 7 computer completely off and wait for a minute or two. Then turn it back on, but don't plug in the USB cable until it has finished starting up. Sometimes USB ports can get glitched and stop functioning and this will reset it.

If that doesn't work try connecting the USB port to something else like a printer. The port itself may not be functioning. Also try using a different USB port on the computer.

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