Re: A word of caution

Cheryl Paul

Hi All,

Well, I'm turkeyed out and the kids that live in town went home to put little ones to bed early, just one family here with their 2 little ones. I haven't turned my sewing machine since Saturday, but I do have a repair for my 4 grandchildren that live 3 doors away. Their dolly tent needs re-enforcing to hold the rods in place so that it will stand on it's own. Put together with cheap thin paper like fabric.

The handsome guy would be great, to change the bobbin and throat plate and clean the lint out of the machine. I did find out that that throat plate would work very well for centre straight stitching and free motion, but I wanted to use the blind hem and I was so frustrated. If I hadn't called a friend to ask her what that squiggle stitch was called, I would have felt very foolish and may not have got those pants hemmed on my 12000. I was ready to thread up the 7700 and do it, when my friend suggested the needle plate. I really felt silly then, but was able to do the job then. It was a lesson well learned. Actually, this was the first time that I changed the needle plate for embroidery. I did a huge 125 embroidery with the regular needle plate and regular bobbin, as I used Janome's pre-wound bobbins.

Jim, how important is it that we change the needle plate to do embroidery? I don't want to break anything in the machine, but I found that the machine worked well with both needle plates for the embroidery, through ignorance and forgetfulness.


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Hey Cheryl, it's Christmas. Maybe Santa hears our wishes, tee-hee).

Vicki Jo

Yes, I also forget the bobbin holder. It seems like with all the bells
and whistles this machine has, maybe they could come up with an
automatic bobbin holder and needle plate changer (ha ha). I would
prefer a really good looking guy who just stands in the corner until I
get done embroidering and then comes over and changes them for me while I
admire him. Is that too much to hope for?

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