Redwork on MC 12000 with Cotona

blue_lak <no_reply@...>

I'm having difficulty getting a completely smooth stitch-out of the built-in redwork designs. The fabric is all cotton, coarse linen-like weave. The thread is Madeira Cotona in both top and bobbin. The bobbin holder is the regular, not yellow dot. Needle is topstitch 12, but I've also tried 11. Stabilizer is Ultra Solvy on bottom, with regular Solvy on top. I've tried all 3 sizes of designs and still have top thread looping on the underside in the design areas that have triple stitches when running vertically. The rest of the design seems to stitch out fine. And yes, I do use the lockout key when threading and loading the bobbin. Any suggestions on diagnosis, or adjustments?
Jan in MD

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