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Actually, you don't HAVE to change that throat plate back after embroidering. You can do straight stitching AND free motioning stitching. It's a great feature if you're stitching on sheer or flimsy fabric-less chance of getting sucked down into the bobbin area. The fact that many stitches (actually, any that have width) are grayed out, should be enough of an indication that the straight stitch throat plate is in.

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Cheryl, I found some cheap key rings/luggage tags with a label & labeled
1 "zigzag/regular", the other "straight stitch/embroidery". I hang the
appropriate one on Jim's metallic thread holder to remind me which
set-up I'm on.

Vicki Jo

I went to hem a pair of pants this morning and discovered that I had
very few options to sew. Of course I went into panic mode and wrote a
nice long question for the forum to try to help me. I phoned a friend
to get a few short words to describe the free motion stitch - the
squiggle kind and SHE SOLVED my problem. In case this happens to any of
you REMEMBER that the needle/throat plate needs to be changed after
your are finished embroidery and want to do regular sewing. Now I can
hem those pants to wear for Christmas.

Again - a very Blessed and Happy Christmas to all.

Cheryl - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

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