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Sandra Huggins <luv2hug2@...>


I agree with you! Ever since my first embroidery machine 8000 to 9000 to 10000 to 11000 to 12000 to 15000, I never leave it unattended plus I am deaf and have to watch it as I wouldn't be able to hear strange sounds but feel if I suspect something was acting up. I would not use iPad for that, just can't trust it. I don't understand why people assume machine would work on its own and not be in same room with it. These machines are so costly and simply can't leave the room till I stop it. I prefer doing small designs that don't take hours to finish the job. The 15000 is my last machine as I am on limited pension plus my age and health issues. 

I hope your hands are better or improving. Take it easy! Hope you enjoyed the day with Patrick.

Sandra BC Canada 

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