Thread breaks while embroidering on MC 12 :-(

Roger Henningsson <aakerby@...>

Hi list,
I just got my MC12 home from the dealer. Sewing on it is great, but embroidery (I am a total newbie) is ****! I have only tried out a few small designs from the machine memory, so nothing advanced. I have followed ALL the instructions perfectly, I have no trouble with the hoops, the backing, I use the right bobbin case, the Wonderfil thread and bobbin thread that came with it, the right foot. I cut the over thread after 6 stitches according to the instructions. 
All goes well for the first color, but when I change to the second one the machine stiches only for a short moment and then the *CENSORED* thread breaks. And breaks again...

This is my first embroidery unit and if this is what machine embroidery is all about then it is leaving tomorrow. All I wanted was a TOL sewing machine but I got a good deal and thought it could be fun.

Please help.
Cheers, Jack

Speaking quickly before his train of thought derails, Jim says:
It sounds like the thread is either not getting into the tension, or it's not in the take-up lever when you re-thread. Open the door at the end of the machine so you can see the take-up lever when you thread. Also be sure to touch the LOCK key before threading, as it causes the tension disks to open so the thread can get between them where it belongs.

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