Re: Embird and 12000

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

The JEF design format contains a field that indicates the hoop required to stitch the design. Embird, like all non-Janome software providers, will need to reverse-engineer the new JEF format to figure out all the codes. The machine will not accept designs with invalid codes, or codes for hoops that are smaller than the design. At the moment the only software that has all the 12000 hoops is StitchBuddy for the Mac.

You *might* be able to make a GR hoop design by using Embird to save it for the MA hoop on the 11000. Horizon Link will open those designs and will convert the hoop to GR. At that point you can send it to the machine.

--- In, "lysiaau" <n.schuster@...> wrote:

I have Embird and I can set a 140by140 custom hoop and it shows
on the machine but the 12000 wont recognise a custom hoop 230by230.
Is there any other way to save designe to a stick as I only have
Janome 10000 software.

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