Re: Memory Sticks

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

The 12000 can use all of your existing 11000 memory sticks, and it can use just about any size you find. However you should buy the least expensive (usually the smallest), because designs don't use much space and you are unlikely to fill a very large one.

If your machine isn't coming until March, it will likely be updated. They mark the version number on the box, so you'll know right away if you need an update. By March we will likely have another one.

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I have designs saved on memory sticks which I use to laod patterns to my 11000, am I going to have to buy new sticks for the 12000. I understand that to upgrade the machine you have to use an empty MS, so I guess you need to have a seperate stick for this and delete the upgrade once you have done it. I suspect that my machine when I get it will not have been upgarded.

The 11000 uses a very small memory stick if I rememebr rightly, what size does the 12000 use????



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