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A lot of the 11000s make a kind of squeaky chirping while moving left to right. It fades with use, and is due to the drive belts. We never had a service problem, and all of them got better with use. You're right about the 12000 - it is without a doubt the quietest embroidery machine Janome has ever made, even without turning on the "quiet" mode.

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I am about to sell my Janome 11000 to my friend as I have the 12000 now.

The machine sews beautifully and embroiders beautifully but it does make a chirping sound when it is doing satin stitch. It always has from the beginning and so did my Janome 10001. The dealer told me that was okay.

Did anyone else have this sound when doing satin stitch? The 12000 is much quieter
Kris in Oz

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