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Hello Jim,
which Embroidery formats can be done on the Janome 12000?
I like to digitize with Embird and I hope they will add the new format(extension) in a future update. But you can safe as JEF, so if the 12000 takes that format, it is fine for me.


Op 24-10-11 16:30, Jim_Stutsman schreef:


This is an easy one. As Sue says, Digitizer MBX is the only version to fully support the 12000. Since your wife is using Digitizer Pro V2, she can do an upgrade to Digitizer MBX. The best option for you is to negotiate the Digitizer MBX upgrade as part of a package deal for the 12000 machine. I cannot imagine that any dealer would not be willing to include it at no cost.

>From your perspective, this software is also in full support of all flavors of Windows XP, Windows Vista (shudder), and Windows 7. While there will be updates to download and install this version will work right out of the box without an update. That may not be true for Digitizer MB V3.

Congratulations on your decision to go to the 12000. Your efforts should result in a great supply of "attaboys"!

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> I am not the sewing person in our family but, I am her biggest supporter and the motivation behind getting the MC10000, then the MC11000 and now her MC1200 is due in about a month. My role is supporter in chief and all things computer. She has Digitizer ProMB Ver 2.0 (upgraded from MC 10000 Digitizer) and while trying to figure out which Ver 3.0 (Janome USA website) she should upgrade to, I discovered that new software has just been released in September called Digitizer MBX Ver 4. Can someone please point me in the right direction or clue me in as to which software, Digitizer Pro V 3.0, Digitizer MB V 3.0 or Digitizer MBX would be the smart/best/better/whatever upgrade for someone moving from the MC11000 to the MC12000. Thanks folks.
> Howard

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