Re: Organization with color changes

Tony Coley

Really understand your problem.When I first started doing embroidery my bride would make a list of color change i.e. 1-25. She would layout the spools with color numbers i.e. 1-17. On the first list I woulf write the color number next to the color change number. Why did I do this?  I'm color blind. That was over 10 yrs. ago and it worked fine even after I went to a Toyota 15 needle machine.
Keep the faith and you will develop a system that works best for YOU.
Happy sewing

From: xcvictorygirl
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Sent: Sunday, January 26, 2014 9:45 PM
Subject: [janome12000] Organization with color changes

I'm looking for all your expert advice on how to get organized. Specifically, when you are embroidering a design with a lot of colors and even more color changes, how do you keep track! I recently finished a design that had 17 colors and 25 color changes and the only way I could figure out how to keep my thread in the right sequence was to write the color change numbers (as in color 11 = color 20) on a piece of scotch tape and stick it temporarily on the end of the spool. I usually line up my spools in the order they will stitch out but with so many colors and reusing the same colors more than once, it got confusing. I thought at the time that there must be a better way! Any suggestions?

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