Re: Color changes

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

I'm new to Janome and the first design I stitched, I didn't pay attention to the color bars, and when the machine stopped I just assumed the color needed changing.  It really was kind of comical, and I should have known better. All of a sudden I realized that the machine was on color 9, and I was just starting color 8. I sold both my Elissimo and Espire to buy a 12000 floor model.  My goal was not to have to finance it, and there was no way I could get a new machine, so I'll be happy with what I have.  I do like the stitch quality better on the Janome -they lock better.  If the manufacturers don't keep improving the machines, they would probalby be out of business.  My goal was to get a better quality machine than I had, and I accomplished that, so I'm not regretting my purchase.  There will always be something better.  I couldn't trade my machines even if I wanted to; my dealer only sells Janome!  Hope this helps divert the topic of 12000 vs 15000 by sharing my mistake :-)  Sue

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