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gail janczak

Should I buy the artistic suite or digitizer- is there a big difference?

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There seems to be a huge difference in prices that dealers are charging for the 15000. Our dealer charged $7500 period.

If you traded in something then that of course depended on what you traded in.

I personally love this machine and it will be my last machine and I have no regrets in purchasing it.

Terry in Canada.

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The person below expresses my feelings better than anyone else.  If I trade in my MC12000 machine that is 2 years old for the MC15000, then that MC15000 machine is costing me $16,000 if I add in what I paid for the 12000 and what I’ll have to pay extra just to get the 15000.  THAT is the bottom line, and there is no way I can even come close to believing it would be worth it.  Where is the sense in that?


Of course, I got use of the MC12000 for 2 years but I also don’t know why I would l trade a perfectly good machine in AND pay another $7000 to get a machine that is almost identical to what I already have.   I’m sure I would like the 15000 machine but I am very happy with the 12000 – so another reason it would not make sense and there are things on the 12000 that I like better than what they have done with the 15000.  Now, the accessory holder is a very fine piece of equipment which I would like to have, but my dealer said they could order that for around $70 – so there you go!





Re: About updating to 15000

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This is why I can't justify it. I bought my 12000 two years ago. At that time I sold every other machine I owned and traded in my 11000 which was only a year old for it. When I called the store about how much I would have to pay to upgrade to the 15000, they would give me $5000 for my 12000 and make me pay the whole $12,000 for the 15000 so a $7000 difference. I financed my 12000 and am still paying for it. I would love to have the 15000 but just can't afford it.

Because my biggest frustration with the 12000 has always been the fact that there isn't smaller hoops for it, I got a Brother embroidery machine for Christmas that has 4x4 and 5x7 hoops. It cost $600. I do a lot of small size embroidery on quilt blocks and barely ever need the very big hoops. Now I can embroider and sew at the same time which has been very nice.


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