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You MAY be able to use Embird, but maybe not. With the 11000 the Embird author mistakenly believed that JEF+ was required for all designs. This is wrong - JEF+ is only used internally in the 12000, and all external designs should be created as JEF. That would not have been a big problem, but his interpretation of JEF+ was not quite right, and sometimes Embird-created JEF+ designs cause problems.

The 12000 also uses JEF, as well as a new JPX format. Before Embird can create these designs they must reverse-engineer the formats to see what is new. This can take a while, and sometimes there are parts of the design file that you just have to guess at. That can lead to unexpected problems if your guess was wrong.

The good news is the the Horizon Link software included with the 12000 will open JEF+ designs and adjust the hoop to fit them, so anything that has worked in the 11000 should also work in the 12000. Eventually Embird will be updated to include the JPX format, but you will likely need to purchase an upgrade from them for that.

Regarding EmbLibrary designs, I have already taken some of their larger designs in HUS format and adapted them to the 12000 without problems. However EmbLibrary uses 3rd party software to convert their designs to JEF format, and there have been instances in the past where this software has created "islands" of incredibly dense stitching in the middle of a design. I've also seen a set of clock designs where the design was set for a 5 x 7 hoop, but actually required the SQ hoop on the 11000. I fixed a number of these for our customers.

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I am looking at 12000 and Brother 8700D side by side either this week or after Christmas. Needing extra software may swing my decision.
I have a 300E and 9000, and only use embird, so far that is all I have needed. I can add customised hoops to embird and convert to JEF.
I know from friends who have the 11000 they managed with embird, converting to JEF and the machine read it.
Will I be able to do the same for 12000. I have some designs sets and CDs with JEF+ for 11000, can I just load these onto the 12000 and the correct hoop will be selected.
I have my eye on some Emb Lib designs for the bigger hoops and was hoping to just buy JEF and embroider away.

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