Re: Color changes

vicki chrobak

Susie (?), If Consecutive Color Grouping is ON in embroidery set menu, the machine may skip consecutive colors that are almost the same.�� Turn it OFF to get all colors on your chart.�� Ask me how I know, LOL!�� Jim helped solve it for me.
Vicki Jo

On 1/4/2014 12:10 PM, susies.stitches@... wrote:

When the machine stops and cuts the thread do you only change the color when it moves to an entirely different spot? ��I have been foilowingb the chart faithfully but at one point found out that ��I was on the wrong colors,, presumably because everytime the machine stopped and cut the thread, I changed to the next color. ��On previous machines I've owned, it would resume with the same color in another spot if it wasn't finished with that color. ��I have now started waiting until the needle moves to an entirely different spot before changing the thread, but I'm not sure it that's right either! ��Its a train design with quite a bit of shading, and I probably won't be able to tell if it's right until it's finished. ��This is the first time I've stitched on ��a Janome; I've had other brands before. ��I have no complaints about the machine, but it's quite different from what I've had, and I'm flying blind until I can get some lessons, ��I'd appreciate any comments - I tried tha manal, but couldn't find an answer. I ordered .the embroidery DVD last night, but need an answer soon! ��Thanks so much for your help.

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