Re: Little thread thingy on a 12000?


The small square thread guide that you are talking about is a part of the threadstand that is an optional purchase for the 12,000.
The designs for the machine must be placed in the folder that is created when you format your USB stick.
We have 2 Usb slots for no other reason I believe except you can choose either or.

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Does the 12000 have that little square opening in the top where the silver little square thread guide thingy goes and if so, where can I get one of those guides? 

Also, can the 12000 use just a USB stick with a Jef design on it inserted into the side of the machine? 
Why are there two USB slots? 
Why does the book refer to USB 1 and USB 2?
I am reading the book and watching the DVD that came with the machine and am away from home and had these two questions.
Thanks! Joyce

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