Kaye Lessard

I hope you can help me with this issue. I have digizter mbx 4.0 Q
customizer 11000 with all updates.
i have the mc10001 and the mc11000. I just bought the mc15000. do not have it
connected to computer yet. sold my mc11000. but still have
the mc10001. I teach embroidery classes so needed it todo giga hoop designs.
Redid my sewing room (still have stuff to get back set up.
Had to completely disconnect my computer and move everything around.
reconnected it all back, connected the cable like it tells you to do.
I run windows xp 32 bit -
I can send designs using cutomizer to my mc10001 but when I try to send the
designs using digizter mbx it gives me the error "failed to initialzie
communication port.
How can I fix this? I have uninstalled the driver jms850 and re installed but
still willnot let me send the designs using the digizter mbx program.
What am I doing wrong?
kaye in la

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