Re: to Buzz or other options?

Kaye Lessard

you can use design gallery in the mbx program to convert more than one design at a time.   just thought I would let  you know that.
finally was able to sew on my new mc15000.   my hubby came in and asked what it does more than my mc11.  told him a few features.  and he made a comment
it didn’t sound like a lot of difference-( there is quite a bit)  So I asked why he needed the harley davidson when he already had a motorcycle.  He told me
“But I can ride it”  So I told him “ But I can make some money with this one too”  He left my room!!LOL!!!
seriuosly he likes to pick at me but now was a good time to upgrade to the TOL I may not be able to do it in the future!!!
hope your thanksgiving was a good one with the family Jim. 
kaye in la

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