Re: 15000 Thread Cutter

Connie <cldparrish@...>

I have also noticed that on my machine.

On Friday, November 29, 2013 11:05 PM, "jsm1144@..." wrote:
I noticed that if you cut "in air" the top thread sometimes won't cut (I think it needs the fabric in there to help stabilize it, otherwise the thread slides rather than get cut.) 

---In janome12000@..., wrote:

The upper thread cutter only cuts the bobbin thread but the foot controlled cutter 'sometimes' cuts both but not always.

Any one have similar issue?  I hate to have to take it to the dealer since it sounds like a minor adjustment but would appreciate your feedback / thoughts. 

The cutter on the 12000 works perfectly every time.    Hmmmm.



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