Re: Noisy embroidery unit


Hi Jim

Thanks for your reply, I had a feeling a trip to the dealers was on the cards:-(

I just hope that it is only that and maybe not to long a job to fix it. I shall of course not be doing any more embroidery on it for a couple of days till I can get it looked at.

Thanks again


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I sure hope this isn't as bad as I fear, I was embroidering a design when my embroidery arm suddenly started making a strange noise when the hoop moves backwards or forwards, the best I  can describe the noise is it sounds a bit like a tooth has come of a cog and isn't make the arm go up and down smoothly although at this point it is still moving.

I have removed the unit and checked nothing caught up in it switched machine on/off

nothing seems to work, any help would be greatly appreciated, my dealer is closed tomorrow and I have loads of stitching  to do, wouldn't you just know it.

Thanks for your time.

Kindest regards

Sandra (UK)

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