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Probably the best place to start is to get the terminology down. The term "AcuFeed" was introduced with the 6600P and extends also to the Horizon 7700. However it is not used at all in the 12000 manual. They now refer to this as the "Dual Feed Device." It performs essentially the same function, adding a second set of feed dogs to the top fabric, so that the layers of fabric are clamped together as you sew. Typically this function is engaged when you have a problem keeping the fabric layers together as you sew, such as sewing two pieces of dissimilar fabric together. It's also great for "puffy" fabrics, such as Minkee Blankee, which are very soft and don't feed well with the bottom feed dogs alone. Anyone who has ever tried to stitch two layers of cotton with batting (wadding) in between knows the value of a dual feed system. On less advanced machines this function is achieved with an even feed (walking) foot, but the 12000 has it built in.

Differential Feed is a term most often used with sergers (overlockers), which have separate feed dogs at the front and back of the machine. By adjusting the ratio of the rate of front feeding to back feeding, it's possible to gather fabrics or to eliminate puckers by smoothing it out. On the 12000 this function is called the Dual Feed Balance adjustment.

You use the Dual Feed option when you need it, simple as that. If your fabric layers are "creeping" or not feeding well, you can almost always correct it with the Dual Feed function. Once you are using the Dual Feed option, if the fabric is puckering on the top or the bottom, you can smooth it out using the Dual Feed balance. This is illustrated on page 31 of the manual. This dial adjusts the rate of feed of the Dual Feed device against the rate of feed on the bottom feed dogs. Start with it set to 0 and test on scrap, then adjust if needed.

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Following all the discussion earlier in the week about engaging the Accu Feed can you tell me what's the difference between the Accu Feed and the Differential Feed and when should I use each of them?



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