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I use Stitch Buddy on my Ipad and my Apple laptop.  I easily transfer the designs with a USB memory stick.

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I like the StitchBuddy app. He did a good job on it, and you can put designs into it via DropBox. In fact, for most people, the free 2GB DropBox account could hold your entire design "stash" and it would be safe in the cloud in case of hard drive crash or other disaster. There are just two flaws in StitchBuddy:

1. You cannot send designs from the StitchBuddy app to the machine, even via an external USB device. This might be changed in an update, as other companies now support sending designs from the iPad to the AirStash.

2. At $30 it's one of the most expensive apps. It's worth the price, but I think the price might scare off a lot of potential purchasers. Poor sales means it's less likely to have updates in the future. 

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Jim what do you think of Stitch Buddy's app? I'm thinking I can put designs in my dropbox on my laptop and I should be able to access them on the ipad to work on etc. There was an update on Nov.9/13.
Bev, Alberta, Canada

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