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The folder structure on the 12000 USB drive is identical to that of the 11000 and MB-4. Tell Digitizer you are using an 11000. Pick any hoop except MA. Then send your design to the USB drive from Digitizer. When you open it in the machine it should assign the correct hoop. Just make sure that the hoop you use for stitching is the same as the hoop on the screen of the machine!

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Hello, I am a new 12000 owner without the MBX software. However, I do have the latest update to Digitizer. I have been trying to trick my way into the machine using a thumb drive and a design created for the larger MB-4 hoop. The machine does not recognize it. Eventhough I have been able to transfer smaller designs via thumbdrive. Is it because it was created for a MB-4 hoop? I also have tried to open it in Horizon Link. It shows up on the screen for documents, where I stored the design. However, Horizon link will not open the design, flashing a message that the design is too large for the hoop. I have tried to open a larger hoop, but have havn't been able to. Help. Is there any way to get a large design into the machine using the old Digitizer?
I would love some suggestions, if any. If there is no hope, a little sympathy would be nice, since I was so hoping to make a table centerpiece for christmas, using this design. Thank you! Grace

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