A question

gracelubold <glubold@...>

Hello, I am a new 12000 owner without the MBX software. However, I do have the latest update to Digitizer. I have been trying to trick my way into the machine using a thumb drive and a design created for the larger MB-4 hoop. The machine does not recognize it. Eventhough I have been able to transfer smaller designs via thumbdrive. Is it because it was created for a MB-4 hoop? I also have tried to open it in Horizon Link. It shows up on the screen for documents, where I stored the design. However, Horizon link will not open the design, flashing a message that the design is too large for the hoop. I have tried to open a larger hoop, but have havn't been able to. Help. Is there any way to get a large design into the machine using the old Digitizer?
I would love some suggestions, if any. If there is no hope, a little sympathy would be nice, since I was so hoping to make a table centerpiece for christmas, using this design. Thank you! Grace

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