Re: No border hoop so how do I do this?



Thanks for the reply and information.  She did not say I couln't do these types of borders on my 12000, she just said it would not be as easy, and she mentioned "lining up the marks". 


I will check my manual and the Janome website.  It is good to know that I can contact Janome for the possibility of a tutorial.  I will also check the embroidery dvd that I got from JIm and Diane for any help.



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Another newbie question; hope I am not wearing out my welcome. 


I wanted to sign up for a class at a local dealer on creating borders (I think they call them endless) and when the dealer found out that I have the Janome 12000, she said she didn't want to discourage me but my machine does not have the border hoop so the class might be more challenging for me. 


 My first thought is "this is why I want to take the class".  I don't mind a challenge but her comment makes me curious as to how you that are have more experience with the 12000 do this type of border. 




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