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I have the set of DVD 's on the 12000 and viewed one time and now I have the 15000 and no use to me.  The workbook  I purchased from my dealer and returned it for a refund when I went with 15000.  If interested in the DVD's let me know for and we will go over the price.

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I feel the same way I just purchased the 12000 and like it so far. Where do I get the dvd's and workbooks?

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This sounds like a great idea.  


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I was intimidated by the 12000 when I first brought mine home in May.

I inherited my mother's MC8000 and LOVED it!  Unfortunately the screen went dark this spring and I had to go shopping.  I preferred Janome since I was already familiar with their machines.  However I have never bought anything so expensive, except for our house and cars.  

I was afraid I might do something wrong and break something on the machine.  It was a love/hate relationship. I was so excited to try it out, but afraid of doing something wrong.  

ANYWAY, The way I got myself comfortable with the machine was I decided to stitch out all the different stitches.  I got some white fabric and blue thread and began with the Utility Stitches.  I sewed a vertical row of each stitch.  I made a sandwiched layer for the quilting stitches.  As I was slowly plugging away, I got more and more comfortable with different features on the machine.  Trying the locking stitch, the thread cut button, things began to become automatic for me.  It helped me feel comfortable with the machine and not so nervous.  I wasn't sewing anything important (not a gift, not a quilt), but I was sewing every day and got more and more familiar with the machine.

Now I have a great set of sample stitches that I love to look at.  When I am sewing something I will look at the myriad rows of stitches and pick one I like.  Some of them are really lovely but I never would have known that from the image in the book or the machine, and I would have probably overlooked them when deciding on something.

I found this site pretty quickly, and I LOVE it.  Thank you Jim and Diane and everyone else who writes in with questions and answers I feel you are all friends.  I come here every day to see what is new.

The DVD's are great (again, thank you), and I also got the workbook.  I actually like the workbook, but think it should come with the machine that is already so expensive.  I thought the workbook gave a little more guidance on some things then the instruction book did.  

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I'm kinda of in the same boat - I owned TWO 11K and then, this past March, at the Dallas Quilt Show, put my toe in the water, so to speak, and started the "to Own it" process.
Once I brought it home - I put it on my sewing table - but still continue to use the 11K.  I have embroidered one design on the 12K and it did beautifully.   I'm piecing a quilt top on the 11K, simple because I can use the 1/4 foot without changing feet back and forth. 
I did purchase both DVDs and it has lessened the learning curve immensely.  I have taken baby steps into making the 12K my BFF, but I'm sure it will come to that.  
I traded in one 11K on the 12K, but kept one because it's still the machine I love AND it has the 5x7 hoop - an embroidery standard.   Why they would release a machine without a 5x7 hoop is a total mystery to me - we fought long and hard for that hoop for the 11k, you'd THINK the folks at Janome would "GET IT."   Every embroidery house in the WORLD makes 5x7 designs - why have to use a 9.1 square hoop to get that size is beyond me and my stabilizer size..........
I, too am in the DFW area - and belong to TWO embroidery clubs.  One, specifically Janome - the other - an "all brands" group which started out as a Babylock group.  We've all traded up to other machines and others have joined since then - so we have a wide variety of machine interest in our group.
Since no classes have ever been offered for strictly this 12K machine - the DVD's have been a treasure to own and watch at my leisure, and I thank you SO much for their thorough instructions!!
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Do not say never, because that is what I have been saying and I found out a few things today which I cannot pass on but might make me change my mind.  I will admit the wireless does not mean a whole lot to me like some, but keep on listening, because there is more to come.  And an upgrade to MBX5 I have my first name on the list.
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Maybe it is because I have had other Janome's starting with the 9000 and working up.... I am puzzled as to why this machine seems so difficult for some.   Now to me a Bernina TOL is more complicated than this and from what I have read not nearly as reliable.

I hope you can get it figured out using those good DVDs because no other company has anything on the market like Diane and Jim's DVDs and they can get you through instructions to make this machine sing and dance..  ( well almost but you will love it).

I am never sorry that I bought the 12000; I have no buyers remorse.  But I doubt I will be moving up to the 15000 because the way my sewing/computer room is set up, wireless is really rather useless to me. A faster processor doesn't interest me; I am not that rushed that I can't wait to find a design.   That wheel on the screen doesn't bother me at all...  I am just disappointed that there is no apparent upgrade that I have heard of yet that would increase the stitch count for us and offer a 5 x 7 hoop.  Other than those two things I am perfectly happy with my 12000 and can't justify the money to move up because of a new super screen. 
Now when the next TOL comes out if they offer a built in stitch regulator for quilting... hmmmmm   I will be the first in line.


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Well, so happy to hear that there are others who have bought the wonderful 12000 and felt lost and out in the wilderness when taking the machine home. I opened the boxes, set the machine on the kitchen table and observed it for a week. Since it did nothing on its own I figured I'd run the cords to it and flip the on/off switch. It came alive. Holy Crappppp !!! Now what do I do. I opened the book and read, turned pages, read some more and closed the book and ran into the livingroom. What had I gotten myself into?? My last machine was a TOL Pfaff 1229 purchased in 1982. YIKES. I refer to it as the "workhorse".

Well, it has been nearly two months with the 12000 and we have made friends. Not BFF's yet but it is coming along. Taken a private class on how to manage her and one class on beginning embroidery.

Early on I joined this website and purchased Jim & Diane's videos. I have to say that I would not be a happy camper without them. Short of having someone sit next to me and say, "now push that button" "scroll forward to the next page", those videos have actually taught me what's what on the 12000. I am still working my way thru the embroidery video. I still have dozens of questions and some so elementary that I am embare-assed but I will charge forward and I will be the old dog who can learn new tricks. gee-wizz !!

Sure wish those of us in N. Dallas could form a get together and figure this machine out.

- Jeannie B aka Chatterbox

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