New baby is here


Yesterday I went to my dealer and collected my 12000!
He gave me another brief run through. But will go back in January after the Christmas holiday to have lessons on the embroidery.
The box is sitting in my sewing room. It is SO HUGE!
Sadly will only have time to do as Peter asked and check all is there before I head up to Darwin for Christmas and Cairns. I leave on Monday see no time to play! I traded my 5 month ols 7700.
I also got the 3160 included in the deal. Tiny baby! So cute. May manage a seam or two on it before Monday.
I am really looking forward to this new learning curve with the embroidery. And love the upgrades from the 7700 like the clip on accufeed, pull out light, magnifier.
Thanks Jim for starting a group to help us new owners.

Heather in QLD

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