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Sorry, I sent this to soon. The number states 7700 and the width of the 12000 is more than the 7700. But maybe the trolley is similar, just a bit wider.

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The Janome website show a trolley for the Horizon. It doesn't specify 7700 or 12000. And I think the dimensions are similar so I think this is the trolley you will get.


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When I ordered my machine it said it comes with a free trolley bag and free software, Tina.

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> I'm pretty confident that Janome will be coming out with a rolling trolley for the 12000, styled much like the Brother one. I saw what I believe to be a prototype at Janome Institute, although I never got a chance to confirm it. I know what you mean about the Bernina. In one of our last classes at the store there was a Bernina. All the Janome people were seated 2 to a table with their machines, mostly 11000s. The Bernina needed an entire table just for herself, and it took 4 trips to the car to get everything in. It was also the loudest machine in the class.
> For non-embroidery classes we really like the Janome 3160. It's just 12 pounds, has full computer capability and a good stitch package. Unlike the JEM series, it has a full 7mm width and is full size. It's good for piecing, but not a great choice for free motion quilting large quilts.
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> > I take a class where some of the gals have the new Brother Quattro and while this machine is heavy, it does come with its own rolling trolly for taking to classes. That being said, one still has to lift it into the car and it takes 2 of us! This machine does have lots of bells and whistles....more bang for the $ than the Janome IMHO.
> > Joan
> > in TN
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> > PS  Also, last time I was in the Bernina quilt shop, those gals also had that hugh 830 that they were bringing to class, which really amazed me.

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