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Carole Schneider

Jim,  yea, I scrolled down after posting a message looking for you.  Would it be possible to email me privately?  Since I don't have a 12000 I hate to take up others time with my questions.

Carole in GA


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It's not a new site, just a different place on the list. Click the "More" dropdown at the top of the list, then "Databases" and finally "12000 for sale". Here's a direct link:

12000 for Sale 

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OK, how do we read or post on the new site? 


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While I don't mind an occasional "For Sale" post, the list is beginning to look like a flea market. To remove the distraction from those not interested in buying I have created a database for posting your 12000 for sale. It's the only one in the database section. Members can add to the database, but I have not enabled editing. To change or remove an entry just email me (jim@...). Any new posts made with regard to selling will be rejected, but I will direct the sender to the database.


Thanks, and good luck!

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