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Any of the Janome machines can be threaded manually without using the threader. On the 12000 and 15000 just use the LOCK button first, which forces the tension disks open. On other models make sure the presser foot is in the up position. You have to be able to thread manually in order to use specialty needles like twin and hemstitch needles, as the needle threader is not compatible with them. 

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About the automatic threader, I came across that feature on a friend’s 11000 model when she bought one a few years ago. She had it in the shop numerous times to have it adjusted. It was a touchy little devil! If it wasn’t working, you weren’t sewing. One could not thread that machine manually. On the email lists at that time, others noted similar experience with the 110000. Can you bypass the automatic threader on the 15000 and thread it manually ?



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