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Your 12000 came with a hoop that uses magnets, but that's not the AcuFil hoop. For the 12000 the AcuFil kit is a separate product that comes with the AcuFil hoop and software. The AcuFil comes as a standard accessory on the 15000 only. The quilting designs in the 12000 were added in the 1.10 update. 

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I know this may be a really dumb question but I am a bit unsure. Does the Accufil kit come with my 12000?   I remember the Janome rep showing me the Accufil features when I first looked at the 12000 back in February, and that is one thing that really drew me to the machine for my miniature quilts. 


Anyway, now that I have the machine home, I am pretty sure I have the hoop for the Accufil and I do have some quilting designs but I find nothing in the manual about Accufil, so I am thinking that it must be a separate accessory that I have to add on.  If so, and I have the hoop, it is just a matter of software, right?


I have searched this forum for information, but none of the posts really make this clear to me.  I must be really dense because the answer is probably pretty obvious but it has been so long since I had my demo on the machine. 


Thanks for helping this dummy,


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