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Annie I have uploaded two files to the Files section of the list, one showing the feet that come with the 12000 and the other for the accessories, most of which are not yet available. One accessory not mentioned is a large rolling case for the 12000 and hoops. I've been told it will be available in February for $299.

We've found that all of Diane's 7700 extra feet work fine on the 12000 as long as you get a 7700 or 11000 foot holder. The 9mm foot holder on the 12000 is too wide, but the 7700 and 11000 foot holders attach to the 12000 and line up the snap-on feet perfectly. The binder works, but you need the foot holder for the foot included with it.

Looks like your new year will be starting out really well!

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Hi Jim,

Hello from Annie in sunny Saudi Arabia. I have orderd the Horizon 12000 from the dealer in Dubai and hopefully it will be brought here to Saudi Arabia mid-January 2012 for me by a good friend who is visiting Dubai and will save me some expensive shipping! The dealer in Dubai has asked me to let him know about accessories or any items for the 12000 and he will order from Japan. Jim, can you tell me of any accessories that I would or should need? When I bought the 7700 I also bought all the extra feet, large binder, thread stand, I assume none of these will be of use with the 12000? Also, is there anywhere on line I can see exactly what feet do come with the 12000, I know it says 20 feet but what are they?

Thanks Jim and to everyone in this group, I honestly don't feel I would buy the 12000 if you weren't here as I have no-one at all to get advise or tuition from and have never used an embroidery machine but am willing to have a go!

Thanks again if you can offer any further information it would be of great help to me.

Best Wishes,
Annie Dunn
Saudi Arabia

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