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Sherry Martin

I had the Pfaff Quilt Expression 3.0 with the IDT and didn't like it at all. I always felt like the IDT wasn't really strong enough to pull the fabric on the top. I had a lot of trouble with it when going over seams or when quilting a quilt sandwich with it skipping stitches. When I complained to my dealer, he always acted like I was doing something wrong. I also had all kinds of trouble with thread breaking when free motion quilting. I never did get that resolved even after having the machine in to be serviced numerous times. Then, when I traded in my Pfaff for the 11000, I felt like the 11000 sewed better even without a walking foot than the Pfaff did with the IDT engaged and free motion quilting was just great. I would never buy a Pfaff again.

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Actually Pfaff have the original dual feed system on their machines the IDT system which is brilliant, also Bernina have a built in dual feed on the 830 which will operate with all stitches.


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Janome hasn’t limited our options at all. Instead they have added a feature the other machines do not have and that is the differential feed. Differential feed is usually only found on a serger.

You do not need to turn on the differential feed if you want to use decorative stitches on a quilt. The accufeed feet work just like a walking foot when you do not turn on the differential feed option so you are not limited to the stitches you use the foot with.

Turn on the differential feed for creating a lettuce edge hem or when sewing on knits and you are limited to just the straight stitches.

Donna M

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So why do you think that Janome have limited our options for using this foot? I haven't come across that before with the other makes of machine I've had - I've been able to use the walking foot with all the embroidery designs and utility stitches on both my Brother and my Bernina.

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