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robin_zelonis <robin@...>

If you don't 'tell' the 12000 you are going to use the accufeed foot by hitting the button, it won't grey out all the stitches. Just select they stitch you want with the accufeed foot attached. Some stitches might not stitch out as well with the accufeed foot, but most will. I did most decorative stitches on my 6600 with the accufeed foot and they looked fine.

Robin in Maine

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So we are limited to five stitches with "walking foot" capability?

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Page 31 of manual says only U1 to 4 & Q1 to 7 can be sewn with dual feed

Vicki Jo

Can I use the Accufeed foot on stitches that don't light up when I
select the AccuFeed funtcion? Example - I am working a tutorial
published in the Online Sewing First Edition. I am creating a grid
quilted background using stitch Q62 - and this stitch does not 'light
up' when I select AccuFeed. I am stitching through a quilting sandwich
so I need a walking foot. I tried using the AccuFeed food with Q62
(even though it said to use the F foot) and it seemed to work okay.
Just wondering if this is a good practice or not -- if not - what are my
'walking foot' options if the stitch doesn't light up when I select

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