Dissappointed Embroidering Kids' Shirts


This morning after my two young children went to school, I went straight to my 12000 to embroider some Christmas shirts for them. The designs I had chosen were both about 9" wide, and I was excited to not have to resize them to use them! I tacked some stabilizer to the backside of one shirt, and tried to hoop it sideways so I could use the free arm while embroidering. This is one of my favorite features of the Janome machines! Imagine my dismay when I absolutely could NOT get the shirt on the hoop! :(

The 9" hoop is so large that there was no way to get the shirt on it such that I could embroider it. I even tried hooping and turning inside out so the rest of the shirt lays on top, but it was stretched so tight I couldn't get enough of it out of the way to embroider. The only way would be to split the side seam and embroider it flat, which defeats the purpose of the free arm feature.

I ended up resizing the designs, and stitching them out on my 11K. I'm so glad I didn't trade it in now. I wrote Janome and begged them to make a 5x7 or 6x8 hoop for the 12K. I'm posting this to ask you to write them too. I can't be the only person who'd like to embroider smaller round objects with the free arm. I realize now I also won't be able to embroider those pre-fab canvas bags that I like to give away as gift wrapping, either.

So think about dropping Janome a line and asking for some hoop sizes between the 5x5 and the 9x9 size. My kids thank you!

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