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We haven't had to remove the foot control for embroidery since the 8000, which came out 20 years ago. That's probably why it's not in the manual.

You shouldn't need to use the 11000 walking foot. The AD foot is much better. Diane just tested it going over heavy seams on denim without any skipped stitches. Have you tried a new needle? A dull or bent needle can easily create skips.

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The 1st is do we need to remove the foot control in embroidery mode, with my old machine you had to, can't find this anywhere.
@nd is it ok to use the walking foot from an 11000 on the machine as I have been trying to use the AD dual feed foot and stitching with my needle at 9 and as I stitch over a seam I have 2 stitches then need to pivot and sew to next pivot point and on every star I have at least 1 jump after a pivot point!!![ about 1 cm in length] Is anyone else having problems using this foot and stitching a 1/4" seam allowance.

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