Re: machine speed

Sherry Martin

Yes, that was something else that Jim saved the day for me about. My instructor couldn't figure it out either, and I was going to have to bring my machine in for their repairman to look at it, until Jim answered my question here.

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Hi, I just want to thank this group for the info on setting the speed of my machine. I was at my first class and even the teacher could not figure out how to increase the speed on my machine. It was grayed out.
I remembered that someone stated that the quiet mode caused some problems. I re-read my notes and shut off the quiet mode and voila. I was then able to increase the speed from 400 to what I wanted. And. I agree that the square hoop wastes mucho stabilizer. I cannot believe that we cannot stitch closer to the edges. What is up with this??? I just stitched my first design and was disappointed that I couldn't use the whole area. Peg in FL

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