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I am going to be a new owner soon. Waiting for my dealer to call and say my machine is in.
In mean time I am reading everyones posts. As I do not have the DVD etc can someone explain "the Horizon Link" and "help" locations.

I am in Australia and can still access janome global.
I want to be prepared when I eventually get my machine.

Heather 7700; MC 6000; 3160 and waiting for 12000

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I was going to take some training on that and may still, but my dealer informed me if I looked on "help" on the Horizon Link it had a tutorial. I printed it all off! Haven't read through it yet, but should. I may read it before signing up for some training with a lady who works for my dealer.


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I picked up my new 12000 last Thursday! Can I just say that this machine is totally awesome! I am so thrilled with this. I also have the 11000, which is going to my sister. The only problem I had with installing the Horizon Link (on my MAC using VMWare Fusion) is that the DVD states that when you hook up the machine to the computer, it will automatically download the driver....not the case. But a quick call to my dealer and I was off to the races. I quilted three blocks in a table runner using an embroidery design and I am amazed at how quickly it did the job. Not a single hiccup! I am so glad I made the leap (and so grateful for my husband's insistence that I get it)!

Thank you to everyone here for your helpful posts and to Jim Stutsman for setting this group up. It would be nice if Janome actually produced a user manual for the Horizon Link. I haven't had much time to play with it other than loading designs but I would like to learn to use it to it's fullest.

--Vickie Fowler
Fort Davis, TX
Horizon 7700 &12000, MC11000, 1200D and MC4800 ---yes, I'm a Janome fan!!!

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