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I think Janome hurts the dealer by their policy. And I also find it rather arrogant. I would almost suggest to not show any interest until March next year. But that would hurt the dealer more than Janome.

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With every new model Janome has released there have always been one or more dealers that have shown it early. RN's dealer was one of those who broke it early - not her fault, as she had no way of knowing that it was supposed to be hidden. Personally I think it's ridiculous to hide the machine until October. A machine with a $12,000 price tag is not something you buy in an afternoon like a Starbucks coffee. Most people are going to want to try it, think about it, look at the budget, etc. As a former dealer, while I did honor Janome's request to embargo new models, I would rather have shown them so that when I finally did get machines I would have some customers ready to take one home on day 1. Janome has videos on their website showing features of the new machine, so it's hardly a secret.

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> I was in Vegas and played with the new machine. We had one shipped to the store from there. However we were told not to show it until the first part of October. So my question is how did you see one if we are not suppose to show them yet. The only dealers who have them are the ones who attended the Janome Institute in Vegas. The other dealers will have them shipped from jamone in about a month.
> Vicki

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