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At 38 pounds the 12000 is a few pounds lighter than the 11000, but it's also a tad longer. A rolling case would make it a lot easier to take to class. At Janome Institute the president of Janome America was making the rounds of the classrooms with a rolling case that looked like it might be a prototype for a 12000 combination case. I didn't get a chance to talk to him about it, but if I'm right you'll probably see it available in a few months.

I mentioned earlier that we tested out the top line Brother model. There is no way you would ever want to take that machine anywhere. The case for the embroidery unit alone is bigger than any suitcase I've ever owned, it's almost as heavy as the 12000, and it doesn't have wheels!

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How heavy is this machine? I have trouble toting my 11k to class because of the weight

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